Jomili Design


Jomili Design is an independency in Jena.

One man

Jomili Design is operated by me Mike Knappe.


I love it to bring joy to people with my creativity.

Since 2020

I brought Jomili Design to life in 2020.

Small & excellent

“Digital nomads” is nowadays that catchphrase for petty traders in the digital era. Thanks to mobile G5 internet, phablets and video chats there is no reason anymore to rent premises.

One-man show

Two hands, one heart and one head are the Jomili Design driving force behind Jomili Design. No detours, no second and no third – everything at Jomili is a one-man show.


A long-cherished wish to be creative for people to see their joy due to my work as glitter of their eyes, hear the chink in their voice and to sense the explosion of emotions, wherefore Jomili was created.

The metal rat

Jomili Design was founded 2020, but the idea ghosts since years through the room. Based on the zodiac cycle Jomili starts its work in the year of the metal rat.

Ascribed attributes: “… adaptable, quick-witted, inventive, multifaceted, intuitive.”

So let’s get started. 😃

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