Graphic design


100% realization of your idea - from banner up to sticker.


Graphics will be vectorized by request.


No idea remain outside - from simple to wicked weird.


Setting your graphic apart from the competition.

The idea

Your band needs a logo, your website a banner, your company a mascot – logo are logos needed!

Jomili creates the best solution for you always with one’s finger on the pulse of the time.

The draft

Jomili discuss with you first, in which direction your idea should tend. The more specific the idea by reference of comparable stylistic directions, colour schemes and alignments, the more precisely the first draft.

There will be more than one draft created for you, to sound out, if one of them suits your imagination, in order to step to the next phase.

The development

Step by step from the selected draft will be a rough graphic created, which gives you always the opportunity to make alterations. Furthermore there will be some basic approaches tried, to imagine your idea more pictorially as final draft.

The final

At the end of all working stages the final has arrived and you may examine your graphic. You may welcome your new logo / banner / mascot with a colourful frisk.

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