Social Media


Jomili vertritt dich in Netzwerken wie, Facebook oder Twitter ...


... auf Kunstplattformen wie DeviantArt oder Dribbble ...


... Fotoplattformen wie Instagram oder Pinterest ...


... oder auf Musikplattformen wie YouTube oder Spotify.


Jomili represents you in networks like, Facebook or Twitter ...


... on art platforms like DeviantArt or Dribbble ...


... photo platforms like Instagram or Pinterest ...


... or on music platforms like YouTube or Spotify.

The overview

Social media is today more important than ever before and has become indispensable. The success of an idea stands and falls with the acceptance within the social media.

Let your idea not become a nonstarter – Jomili supports you to gain substantial foothold on the most common platforms, known to the public and to mesmezise people for your idea.

Social Media Frustration

The first step

Jomili don’t leave you frustrated in the lurch behind your desk, but rather take you by the hand and discuss with you, which platforms are in line for you, which actions making sense and what your idea suits the most.

The community

Social networks are living from their users, who represent potentially walk-in customers for you.

Jomili tries to draw attention to your profil specifically of those walk-in customers, hold their interest as long as possible, awake their desire and lead them to action – just as the AIDA principle:

Attention (Aufmerksamkeit)
Interest (Interesse)
Desire (Verlangen)
Action (Handlung)

Finally viral

A contract is only qualified as succeeded, if you are on everyone’s lips – means, when your idea comes viral.

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